What type of barcode do I need?

A barcode is made of two things

The GTIN (Barcode number) and the symbology (Barcode), the type of barcode you need depends on what you need it to do

GS1 Specifications or requirements depend on the type and size of the barcode 

For retail / point of sale (POS) products use a 13 digit GTIN encoded into an EAN-13 barcode.

For EAN-13 specifications click here


For very small retail products, you may need an EAN-8 barcode 


For products that are not being scanned at POS and only scanned in the distribution centre / warehouse, such as shippers, cases etc a 14 digit GTIN is required

There are 2 symbologies that can be used to encode the 14 digit GTIN depending on if extra information such as expiry dates, batch numbers etc is required.

If extra information (expiry dates, batch numbers etc) IS required to be encoded, use a GS1-128 symbol 

For GS1-128 specifications click here


If extra information is NOT required, use an ITF-14 symbol 

For ITF-14 specifications click here


 Version 1.0 14 Feb 2020

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