ITF-14 Barcode Specifications

An ITF-14 barcode is used on shippers, cases where extra information (expiry date, batch number etc) is not required to be encoded into the barcode

Required barcode magnification (size) for ITF-14 barcodes range depends on what the barcode is printed on and how it is scanned  

Hand Scanning magnification range is 25 - 100%

 Automated Scanning 

  • Printed directly on corrugated board must be ≥ 62.5 - 100% 
  • Printed on label ≥ 50 - 100%          

  NOTE:  your retailer may have required magnifications

Bearer Bars

For Plate Printing (i.e. directly on cardboard)

Bearer bars surrounding the barcode and quiet zones is mandatory

The bearer bars must be 0.48mm wide

 For non-plate print methods (i.e. label printer)

The bearer bars must be applied to the top and bottom of the bar code

The thickness is at least 2 x the width of the narrowest bar (X dimension)

I.e. for 100% magnification the X dimension = 1.02mm bearer bars must be 1.02 x 2 = 2.04mm wide

 Bar Width Ratio

 The target bar width ratio is 2.5:1 (the wide bars are 2.5 time the width of the narrow bars)

The allowable range is between 2.25 and 3.0 :1

 For help using the chart below, click here 


 Version 1.0 14 Feb 2020




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