GS1-128 Barcode Specifications

A GS1-128 barcode is used on shippers, cases where extra information (expiry date, batch number etc) IS required to be encoded into the barcode

Required barcode magnification (size) for GS1-128 barcodes range depends on what the barcode is printed on and how it is scanned  

Hand Scanning magnification range is 25 - 100%

Automated Scanning magnification range is ≥ 50 - 100%          

NOTE:  your retailer may have required magnifications

Maximum Length

A GS1-128 must never exceed 165mm including quiet zones

When stringing data elements together (concatenation) the maximum numbers of characters must not  exceed 48 characters. 

NOTEThis includes the Function 1 symbol character (FNC1) when used as a field separator, but excludes  auxiliary characters

For the basics of GS1-128, click here 

For help using the chart below, click here 


version1.0 14 Feb 2020





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