Adding Non-Subscribed Recipients

This is a Walk-Through guide of how to add Non-Subscribed Recipients to recall and withdrawal notifications on ProductRecallNZ.

Non-Subscribed Recipients

A non-subscribed recipient is a trading partner who is not currently registered with ProductRecallNZ.

When added to a notification, Non-Subscribed recipients will receive an email, and optional SMS, to alert them to the recall or withdrawal event. The email alert will contain a link to your Recall or Withdrawal Notification, which contains information such as product details and instructions on what to do with the affected product.

Example notification:


The ProductRecallNZ service also tracks which of your trading partners have opened the notification. This allows you to track the progress of your recall in real time, and helps quickly identify and respond to any potential issues. Click here for more information on progress reporting. 

Note: Subscribed recipients have greater functionality when responding to notifications, and we recommend adding trading partners as subscribed recipients where appropriate.

Adding Non-Subscribed Recipients: 

Non-subscribed recipients can be added individually, or as a group by using a .csv file.
If you are sending your notification to multiple non-subscribed organisations, we recommend using the .csv method.

Adding Individual Non-Subscribed Recipients:

  1. Click on 'Non-Subscribed Recipient' in the menu of the left side of the screen. This will take you to a page where you can input information as shown in the image below.
  2. Enter the Organisation NameContact Person, and Email of the organisation that you wish to notify. There is also an optional Mobile Phone field. When added, an SMS alert will also be sent to the provided number.
    *Note that mobile numbers should start with country code. For example a New Zealand number would start with 64 (642XXXXXXX) and an Australian number 61 (614XXXXXXX).
  3. Click the 'Add to Notification' button to the left of the input fields.
  4. Repeat these steps to add additional recipients.


Adding Multiple Non-Subscribed Recipients

To add multiple non-subscribed recipients at once you will need to create a  file containing their contact details, and then upload this file to your notification.

1. Creating a Non-Subscribed Recipient using the NSR Template

  1.  Download the Non_Subscribed_Recipients_Template.csv
  2. Open this file in a spreadsheet editor (Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, etc.)
  3. Enter your trading partner's details (Company Name, Contact Name, Email, Mobile Number) in the format as shown by the two example companies.
    The Company, Name and Email fields are mandatory. The Mobile field is optional, and an SMS alert will not be sent if this field is left blank.
    When added, mobile numbers should start with country code. For example a New Zealand number would start with 64 (642XXXXXXX) and an Australian number 61 (614XXXXXXX).
  4. Delete the two example entries but leave the column titles row (Company, Email, Mobile).
    Do not leave blank rows between entries - a blank row will be interpreted as the end of the file.
  5. Save the file with an appropriate location and name.
    This will need to be saved as CSV (comm-separated values) file with  the extention .csv


2. Uploading the file to a notification

  1. Go to the 'Non-Subscribed Recipients' menu within
  2. Click on 'Browse...' under the 'Uploading Multiple Recipients' section.
  3. Find and select the file that contain your trading partner's details and then click 'Open'.


Upload Errors

Entries that contain an error won't be added to the notification. A message will pop up letting you know when this occurs.


You will also receive an email containing a file containing the entries that have been rejected and the reason for the rejection. These entries can then be amended and re-uploaded if required.
Note that each uploaded email addresses must be unique. If duplicates are uploaded, only the first instance of that address will be added to the notification. All subsequent instances will be rejected with the reason 'Duplicate email address in file.'




Viewing and Deleting Added Recipients

1. Viewing the number of recipients added

  1. Click on the 'Added Recipients' tab at the top of the adding Non-Subscribed Recipients page.
  2. The number displayed in the blue box next to this tab will show the number of non-subscribed recipients currently added to your notification.

2. Deleting recipients

  1. To Delete added Recipients  click on the 'can' icon to the right of the recipients added to the notification.
    This will delete ALL currently added recipients.  For this reason it is suggested that you use the .csv upload method to quickly re-upload recipients and keep track of who has been added.
  2. Once you are happy that required recipients have been added, click 'next' to proceed.

CSV File Maintenance

.CSV files can be either be created at the time of a recall using the customer information and sales data for the affected products, or they can be created in advanced and edited at the time of the recall or withdrawal event.

When creating it in advance, there are a couple of things you will want to consider:

  1. Keeping contact details up to date. We recommend that you update this file (adding and removing trading partners as well as checking that details are correct) as one of your regular account maintenance tasks when renewing your Recall Ready Status . It is also recommended that the name of these files include the date in which they were last edited.
  2. Making sure all users are aware of these files and where they are located. We recommend that the location of the .csv file(s) be included in your organisation's written recall plan. Having new users complete a mock notific ation using this method is also a good way to make sure they are familiar with the process.


There is a small fee associated with sending Notifications and SMS alerts to Non-Subscribed Recipients. These fees are charged on a ‘pay as you use’ basis, at a rate of $0.50 per notification sent, and $0.10 per SMS sent.

For example: sending a notification to 100 Non-Subscribed Recipients would have a fee of $50 (100 * $0.50), while sending 100 notifications and 80 SMS alerts would have a fee of $58 (100 * $0.50 + 80 * $0.10).

SMS alerts are optional and will only be sent to recipients when a mobile number has been included. You will be prompted confirm that you have accepted these fees before your notification is made live.

Sending notifications and SMS alerts to Subscribed Recipients is covered by the annual subscription fee, and will have no additional charges .
For more information about the fees associated with using the ProductRecallNZ service, please refer to our Schedule of Fees.



Version 1.1    15 July 2019

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