Notification Template: Subscribed Recipients Screen

This is a walk-through guide of how to fill out the "Subscribed Recipients" template while creating a new notification for a recall or withdrawal on ProductRecallNZ. 

Subscribed Recipient
This is a trading partner who is registered with ProductRecallNZ.

Please Note: If you cannot find the trading partner when searching on the Subscribed Recipients list, you may need to add them as a non-subscribed recipient in the next screen.

The template will open on the Recipient Search tab. Here, you can search for the organisation name, industry type or region:

Distribution List: Distribution lists are pre-saved lists of certain contacts. These are especially useful for companies with multiple internal (private) locations. For more information on creating a distribution list, please click here and go straight to Section 5.

Organisation Name: Here, you can search on the name as it appears in the companies office (the legal entity name). You cannot search on the NZBN or GLN. 

Industry: Each 'sector' can be expanded to provide more specific industry options. If you cannot find the organisation you require through an industry search, you can browse all companies in the 'Available Recipients' table

Region: If you know the region where the trading partner is located, you can search for them through this field. 

Subscriber Type: You can select public or private, depending on if you are an organisation sending to your distributor (public), or an organisation distributing an existing notification to your stores (private). 

  • Public- This is an external organisation that can be viewed by all users who create notifications through the ProductRecallNZ system. 
  • Private- This is an internal location that can only be viewed by the organisation to which it is attached. 

Once you have found the recipient you want to add, select them in the checkbox to the left of the name then click 'add to notification'. 

"Add to Notification" Button- Once you click this, the recipients that you selected will be visible in the 'Subscribed Recipients' tab. You will see a flag next to this letting you know the total number of recipients added. 


If you leave the page without clicking the 'Add to Notification button, a warning message will appear, prompting you to do so.

Please Note: At least one recipient must be added to a notification before you can submit it for approval. These can be non-subscribed and/or subscribed recipients. 

 Version 1.2: Last updated October 2017

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