What is Recall Ready?

'Recall Ready' is a feature and standard on the ProductRecallNZ system used to help verify an organisation's 'readiness' to use the system.

Every organisation on the system has at least one administrator. It is the administrator's role to ensure the organisation first becomes 'Recall Ready' and then maintains their status. Your status can be found by logging into the ProductRecallNZ system and going to the 'Organisations and Recall Ready' page. It is GS1's expectation that every organisation will endeavour to be 'Recall Ready'.

Initiator Organisations must complete the following 2 criteria to be 'Recall Ready':

  1. Users have been confirmed in the last 12 months (Click here for a guide on User Administration)
  2. A mock notification has been completed in the last 12 months

Please watch this video for instructions on how to become and maintain a Recall Ready status:



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