How to confirm my users are 'Up To Date?'

As part of GS1's Recall Ready process businesses (their adminstrators) must confirm their users as up to date and do a Mock Notification every 12 months.


Step 1:

Firstly, to confirm your users as up to date you will need to login at

 Please Note: You can click on the images if you need a closer look (it will open a new tab with the image in your browser)


Step 2:

Secondly, you will need to access the Users List

Please note: If you do not have the option to access the users list you are not an administrator and therefore cannot do administrative tasks like adding/editing/suspending or confirming users as up to date. If you need access you can contact your Account Administrator to edit your profile and make you a User Administrator or contact GS1 on 0800 10 23 56.



Step 3: 

On the Users List review users to ensure they are up to date.

You can also add, edit (and suspend) users at this point.



Step 4:

Once you are happy select 'Confirm User Details Up to Date' at the bottom of that page


You will then see the date update instantly to today's date


Step 5:

You can now also go to the 'Organisation's and Recall Ready' page (select 'Back' from Users page first) where you will see your business should be Recall Ready (as long as you have done a Mock Notification) in the last 12 months also.



Version 1: Created 17th January 2019

Reviewed: 5th April 2022

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