User Guide: Completing a Mock Notification

This is the video guide for completing a Mock Notification in ProductRecallNZ. Before starting a mock notification we highly recommend you watch the full video, below this paragraph, and then begin.  To watch a specific section again, please click directly on the hyperlinks (sections 1 to 9) below the video.

Note that completing a Mock Notification is one of the criteria for being 'Recall Ready' - see more info here. For more information on Mock Notifications, see the process flow chart and attached user guide at the bottom of this article.

For best viewing experience, click the play button, then the 'Full Screen' or 'Watch in Youtube' icons on the bottom right of the player.

Jump directly to a video section below:

1. Introduction

2. Creating a Mock Notification

3. Help Features

4. MPI Regulator Form

5. Adding Products

6. Adding Recipients

7. Submitting for Approval

8. Progress Reports

9. Downloading a Copy

1. Introduction

2. Creating a Notification

3. Help Features

4. MPI Regulator Form

5. Adding Products

6. Adding Recipients

7. Submitting for Approval

8. Progress Reports

9. Downloading a Copy


10. Mock Notification Process Flowchart



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