Submitting Approved Cost Price Changes to Mitre 10

Once cost price alterations are assessed by the Mitre 10 Business Efficiency Manager and approved with the relevant Mitre 10 Category Manager please follow the steps outlined below when loading price changes to the National Product Catalogue (NPC) for Mitre 10.  As part of the approval process you will receive an email spreadsheet with the range of SKUs and accepted new cost prices from Mitre 10.

Before publishing or submitting the data to GS1, please check the following:

  1. Check the number of SKU's you are submitting data for match those included in the spreadsheet supplied by Mitre 10:
    • You should not include any additional SKU's not supplied on the Mitre 10 spreadsheet.
    • You should not exclude any SKU's supplied on the Mitre 10 spreadsheet.
    • If you are bulk uploading data into GS1, please refer to the Price Record - Bulk Change article to ensure you are uploading this correctly.
  2. Check the submitted cost prices match those on the spreadsheet supplied by Mitre 10.
    • If possible run a comparison between what you have (bulk uploaded) in to GS1 against the Mitre 10 spreadsheet. This should show any differences you will need to fix before you send the data.
  3. Make sure you end date the old prices as well as loading the new prices to GS1
  4. Load the correct/agreed to start date for the new prices as agreed with Mitre 10.  Please note that Mitre 10 will NOT accept any price changes that fall on the following days:
    • Mondays
    • Fridays
    • Weekends
    • Public Holidays
    • Weeks containing Public Holidays
    • Between 1st and 7th of July every year (inclusive).
  5. Cost price changes must be submitted to Mitre 10 at least 10 working days before the agreed Start Date.
  6. The day after you load/publish the data check with the Mitre 10 stockfile team to ensure they have received it.


If you have Price Breaks/Tier pricing for Mitre 10 please refer to Mitre 10 Bracket Pricing/Price Breaks.

If you have regional pricing agreement with Mitre 10 please refer to Regional Pricing Guidelines





Created:  10 March 2016                                          Version 1.4 – Updated 9 June 2020

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