Mitre 10 Bracket Pricing/Price Breaks

Mitre 10 are not able to automatically process bracket prices loaded to the NPC.  Data entered into the 'Brackets' section will stop the transfer of data out of the NPC to Mitre 10’s system.  This means that the Category Assistants and Category Managers will be unable to view and approve your price addition/change.

To help manage this issue a validation rule has been added to the NPC.  This rule will activate if you try to enter data into the 'Brackets' section and will stop you from publishing your price to Mitre 10.  

If you need to load price breaks please contact your category/account manager in the first instance to ensure these prices have been approved.  Once approved the data team at Mitre 10 will then load these prices directly into their system.

Prices loaded into the NPC should be the national/base price only.





Version 1.0 – Updated 30 November 2018



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