Foodstuffs' NPC Data Requirements

This document "Foodstuffs NPC Dataset" contains  Foodstuffs' National Product Catalogue data requirements - note, it is quite a technical document so should only be used for reference if needed. We are happy to talk you through any of the details directly (0800 10 23 56).

Summary of Foodstuffs recent changes

  • Foodstuffs have added 3 packaging requirements to their dataset in September 2021 (Packaging Recycling Scheme, Recycling Process and Packaging Sustainability Feature). These are now required for new products and product changes going forward.
  • From 2020 Foodstuffs changed their requirements for many food nutrition type data attributes from "Optional" to "Required, if applicable to the product".

For NPC Rapid users:  please ensure you are sending GS1 your final product as part of ProductFlow and we will take care of these for you (we do this for free when you request a barcode verification or photograph).

For NPC Publisher users:  please see the user guide for populating Foodstuffs' new required attribute set.


Version 1.6 - Updated 7th September 2021

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