Foodstuffs' NPC Data Requirements

This document "Foodstuffs NPC Dataset" contains  Foodstuffs' National Product Catalogue data requirements - note, it is quite a technical document so should only be used for reference if needed. We are happy to talk you through any of the details directly (0800 10 23 56).

Summary of Foodstuffs recent changes

  • In December 2021 Foodstuffs added the below 3 attributes to their data requirements (further release detail can be found here)
    • Is Trade Item an NZ Regulated Product
    • Is Trade Item from Multiple Country of Origin or the High Seas
    • SDS Product Identifier Description
    • Physical State Code
    • GHS Hazard Category
  • In September 2021 Foodstuffs added the below 3 packaging requirements to their data requirements
    • Packaging Recycling Scheme
    • Recycling Process
    • Packaging Sustainability Feature.

These are now required for new products and product changes going forward.

Note - in 2020 Foodstuffs greatly increased their ingredient/nutritional data requirements - a quick guide on how to populate this for NPC Publisher users can be found here.


Version 1.7 - Updated 14th December 2021

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