Data Requirements

This document "Foodstuffs Expanded Dataset" contains  Foodstuffs' National Product Catalogue data requirements.

This document also contains example product data for reference.


Summary of Foodstuffs recent changes

1.  --  Dangerous/Hazardous Goods  --

The below attributes should now be being loaded for any dangerous or hazardous goods:

Is Trade Item A Dangerous Good  &  Is Trade Item A Hazardous Good


2.  --  Alcoholic Products  --

For Liquor/Alcohol suppliers, Foodstuffs have made the below change:

- "Alcoholic Strength Description" (alcoholicStrengthDescription) now NOT required and Foodstuffs will not map this into their business  GPC_Alcohol2.png

- Instead, the GPC "Attribute Type Code" & "Attribute Type Value" ARE now required. Foodstuffs will map this directly into their business and will be using it where present. They want to see it populated (where it can be) for alcohol related GPC product classifications. This is needed for Beer, Wine & Cider products. 


3.  Additional NEW Product Attributes (remember Foodstuffs has not made these mandatory yet)

Please refer to the attached Foodstuffs_Expanded_Dataset for a complete listing, with examples, of the new product attributes.

Foodstuffs' primary goal is for suppliers to enrich their product information on the NPC to incorporate:

  • Additional on-pack label information
  • Product marketing information
  • Addtional dangerous goods and logistical information
  • Additional contact/social media information about your product
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