UNSPSC v19 Medical Devices, Medicines and Lab conversion from UNSPSC v15

Attached is an Excel spreadsheet with both UNSPSC v15 and 19.  UNSPSC Version 19 Commodity Level is hi-lighted in blue.


The spreadsheet has several tabs to try and make it easier to find what you might be looking for.  Please note that the only UNSPSCs included are for Medical Devices, Medicines and Laboratory


Where an old UNSPSC v15 has been made obsolete - I have tried to indicate what the new v19 code is - I have not done this for all the old codes.


If your product is not a Medical Device, a Medicine or a Laboratory product, then there is also the complete list of Version 19 Commodity Level UNSPSCs attached.





Created 20 Oct 2021

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