HSC Approved Health NZ Global Location Numbers. Use of Ship To GLNs when creating prices


The spreadsheet below has all the Te Whatu Ora District GLNs that can be used for the Ship To GLN when loading prices to the Health System Catalogue (HSC)


When creating Price Records for HSC, there is one Price Relationship ID between the supplier and HSC, and the HSC Recipient GLN is 9429000098083. 


The "Ship To" GLN attribute in the price record, indicates what price belongs to which Te Whatu Ora District

If pricing is the same for all districts - i.e. a National Price - the Ship To GLN is 9429000098137


If a supplier has different prices for different districts - Use the District GLN as the "Ship To" GLN in the price record.  If a price value is relevant for multiple districts, then in a single price record with multiple "Ship To" GLNs can be added.  The "Ship To" GLN is a repeatable field.






Created  20 Oct 2021                                    Last Update:  22 November 2023

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