NPC Feb 2021 Feature Update


Hiding the “Mark as Done” button for GDSN validation errors.


What has changed?
The “Mark as Done” button is hidden for GDSN errors in NPC P UI. When a new release of the article is triggered, the existing exception is automatically marked as done.

Why has this changed?
Normally, in the case of a GDSN error message, the supplier opens the item, validates it and corrects the item for the error messages. If no error messages appear, the supplier no longer makes a change. This would ensure that no user misunderstanding occurs with regards to fixing GDSN errors.

What do you need to be aware of?
For community administrators, the “Mark as Done” button remains visible, as the support team needs this functionality.


Validation Rules 

Also, note that the below GLNs have been added to the block price validation rules 950-009-017.


Placemakers Ship to GLNs Region Action
9429000139786 Northern Hub ADD
9429000139793 Warkworth ADD
9429000139809 Aoraki Hub ADD
Please refer to the support centre articles for all the Placemakers Ship to GLNs.
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