How to make an item Obsolete or Deleted for Southern Cross Hospitals


When an product you supply to Southern Cross Hospitals is no longer available - i.e. is obsolete, or that you no longer supply to Southern Cross please do the following so that the data for SCHL is updated.


1.  You can choose to end-date the price if you want to - this is not necessary.   If you choose to do this, please go to the price of the item, click on the $ icon, which will open the price record for the item.  Make sure you select the price for SCHL - then click on the Change icon and enter the end date in the box.   Then select NO - you do not have a new price to add.   Save and Release  - this will send the electronic message to SCHL that the price is end-dated.



2.  You can skip step 1.    Find the product you wish to end-date  - make sure all levels of the hierarchy are selected.  Enter an end-date into the end-date field found under Dates.  Save.  Do this for all levels of the product hierarchy.   When this is complete - go back to Items - click Refresh and then Release for the items end-dated.   This will then send through the electronic message to SCHL that the item is end-dated.  You do not have to, but once the message has been sent, you can unpublish the item if you wish.



Created:  23 Nov 2020                                                                             Updated:

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