What do I need to supply for Barcode Verification

We can complete 2 types of Barcode verification

1:  Interim Barcode verification on Art   Select link for information or to go to "Can I just send in my artwork? " in the FAQs

2: Full barcode verification 

We need to test the actual barcode that will be on the shelf ready packaging.  

If the barcode is on a retail (base) unit we prefer the shelf ready product so we can record the weights, measurements and capture the nutritional data of the product 

If the shelf ready product is not available we can test the empty packaging

Please note: if your product is large and or heavy such as a bag of cement, kitchen sink etc, please contact us on 0800102356 or to discuss options

For cases, shippers  or inners  please send in the actual flat empty packaging.  If the barcode is printed on a label, please ensure the label is attached to the packaging.  If you have a standard carton and just have different labels, you can send one flat carton and the rest as labels.

Please make a Barcode verification application  online and courier your samples to the address listed on the application form

Version 1 dated 16 Sept 2020


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