Can I just send in my artwork?

GS1 NZ offers ‘interim’ verification reports (i.e. sending in a PDF of your packaging design with the barcode). This is a provisional report only and will assess the magnification, height, light margins, and check digit.   

If you intend to send artwork we require you to state the dimensions of the barcode as you intend to print it, i.e. the barcode height (top to bottom of the short bars) and barcode width (from the outside edge of first bar to the outside edge of the last bar). This is because browsers may print PDF images at differing sizes, so we need to know the size you intend to use. 

Interim reports can be helpful at the product development stage. An interim report is not a ‘full’ verification report and is only used to help reduce errors in the final printing process. Interim reports need to be followed up with a full verification report.

Interim reports are charged at the same rate as a ‘full’ verification report. To get an interim report follow the same instructions above on getting a full report. When you receive your submission email, reply to this and either attach your artwork or courier your artwork to our Wellington Office

 Version 1.0 – Updated 25th October 2014

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