Can I just send in my artwork?

GS1 NZ can complete ‘interim’ barcode verification reports on artwork.  This is to ensure the barcode meets GS1 specification prior to printing

This is a provisional report only and will assess many of the GS1 specifications but not print quality Interim reports need to be followed up with a full verification report.

To be able to test artwork, we require dimensions on the art or the dimensions of the barcode as you intend to print it,  most graphic designers have dimensions printed on the art, we can use these.  If you aren't using a designer, please provide the measurement of barcode width (from the outside edge of first bar to the outside edge of the last bar). 

To request an interim barcode verification report please make an application on line .

You can attach you art PDF  (with dimensions) to the email you receive regarding your application and send it back to us ( or courier your art to the address listed on your application

Version 2.0 – Updated 16 September 2020

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