NPC June 2020 Feature Update

Intuitive use of the CIC window as retailer's response channel

  • Automatic update of confirmations (CIC messages)

    • Changes:
      • Old CIC messages now initially disappear from confirmation area as soon as it's edited and released again. New feedback from retailers will become visible once the retailer has responded to the new update.
      • Old CIC of inactive retailers such as Foodstuffs North Island & Foodstuffs South Island are no longer displayed.
  • Renaming of the CIC window to Recipient Feedback

    • Item Hitlist viewmceclip0.png
    • Item Editer 


Mark as done no longer needed for CIC messages - Review

  • Change: The ability to mark CIC messages as done has been removed. As the old CIC message is removed automatically when the item is updated and released.


Revision of the 100 most frequently used help texts (tooltips)

  • Change: Existing help texts/tooltips are progressively being checked for technical correctness and user comprehensibility. The tooltips of most frequently used attributes are being assessed for improvement/rewriting.


  • mceclip3.png
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