Regional Pricing Guidelines for Placemakers/Mico

The purpose of this article is to provide guidelines on how regional prices should be entered into the NPC for PlaceMakers.  Regional pricing is not applicable for Mico prices.

The document specifically relates to suppliers who have a different price based on the region the product is being delivered to.  If there is one National price, then the following steps do not apply and the ‘Price Location to GLN’ for all PlaceMakers prices will be 9429000132855.

Prices MUST be approved by the relevant Category Manger before they are loaded into the NPC.

Loading Regional Pricing

A separate price is required for each relevant region.  The Price Location-to (GLN) field is used to identify the region the price relates to.  This field is also known as ‘Ship to’ GLN Code. 

Before loading any regional prices for PlaceMakers to the NPC we recommend you contact the GS1 Support Team.

Regional Pricing Levels

There are four levels to the PlaceMakers regional codes, and each have been allocated a GLN code (refer to PlaceMakers Regional Pricing Codes for a full list).

  1. National
  2. North Island and South Island
  3. Local Regions
  4. Stores

When choosing what regional level applies to a price please use the following diagram:



Create: 10 June 2020

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