NPC January 2020 Feature Updates

NPC Publisher User Interface


  • New Features

Improved Validation Report

Item validation results are now shown in a panel on the right side of the Item Editor.

This new layout provides an easier-to-read and clearer view of validation results.

Errors are shown with a red background and Warnings with a yellow background.

Click the Review button to jump to the attribute which is flagged with an error or warning.


Each set of validation results for a retailer will be displayed in its own section of the report.


A new set of floating messages will be shown when Saving, Validating, Releasing and Publishing.




mceclip4.png mceclip3.png





Click the [-] or [+] buttons to collapse or expand levels in a hierarchy.


Click the X to hide the error or warning.
(any warnings or errors still present on the item will reappear the next time Validate is clicked)


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