NPC Supplier Eligibility

The NPC (National Product Catalogue) synchronises over 250,000 product records across New Zealand organisations. To begin using NPC with your trading partner, please check the below eligibility criteria first:
For Foodstuffs
  • You must be a Foodstuffs "Approved Supplier" to be eligible for ProductFlow and NPC. If Foodstuffs define you as a "Local Supplier" you're not eligible to use ProductFlow/NPC (defined as a supplier to <5 FS stores, aggregate sales of <$50k).
  • You must already be set up on the Foodstuffs Exchange
  • All products supplied to Foodstuffs are eligible to be loaded including one-off products, fresh and seasonal lines.
For Woolworths NZ
  • If you trade with SuperValue/Fresh Choice only with a non trade account you would first need to set up a trade vendor account with Woolworths to be able to onboarded.
  • If one of your vendor number / sub range is used to supply products for WWNZ's internal use, or the product is a produce, you are not eligible to use NPC for that specific vendor number / sub range. (i.e. two vendor sub range, one is used to provide fresh produce - not eligible, the other vendor sub range is used to provide packed fresh product - eligible)
  • If you supply produce - regardless if this is packaged or sold by the weight, you are not eligible.
  • Woolworths NZ and Woolworths AU can not be setup on the same catalogue. You will need two NPC.
  • The GS1 Implementation lead will check with WWNZ to confirm eligibility before proceeding with on-boarding

For Healthcare or Hardware retailers:
Please give us a call 0800 10 23 56



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