Enhancing your communications - Product Recall Update

This article gives an overview of changes that have been made with the 15/07/2019 Product Recall Update. It covers:

  1. Update Overview
  2. Improved Notification Clarity
  3. SMS Alerts
  4. Progress Reporting
  5. Making the most of this update
  6. Fees
  7. Training options

1. Update Overview

GS1 has updated the way you communicate Recalls and Withdrawals with trading partners that are not subscribed to the Product Recall Service.

This update adds value for organisations that trade with smaller trading partners, such as restaurants and cafés, and makes sure you can quickly and efficiently communicate a recall or withdrawal to all your trading partners.

2. Improved Notification Clarity

We've reformatted the notifications that non-subscribed recipients receive.
This improved clarity increases your capability to send valuable and meaningful notifications, and so increases the recipient's ability to quickly identity and remove the affected products.
This new notification format is also mobile friendly, meaning your partners can access your notification anytime and anywhere.

Example Notification - (click image to expand)


This new format also includes a new field that lets you directly communicate instructions specific to non-subscribed recipients, as well as the ability to link directly an MPI Safety notice should you want it to be displayed.

New input fields - (click image to expand)


3. SMS Alerts

This update also includes the option to send SMS alerts to Non-Subscribed Recipients.
Sending an SMS alert along with the standard email alert increases the visibility of your notification, helping to reduce the time it takes for your trading partners to become aware of and respond to your notification.

Example SMS Alert - (click image to expand)


To send an SMS alert to a trading partner, simply include a mobile number in the new 'Mobile Phone' field when adding recipients individually, or enter a number into the mobile column on the the 'NSR template' file when using the multiple recipient upload option.

Adding a mobile number - (click image to expand)


4. Progress Reporting 

You now have the ability to track which of your non-subscribed recipients have read your notification. This is critically important to understanding the efficacy of your recall communication and whether you need to follow up with certain partners. 

This can be viewed in the progress report for your notification, with the number of recipients at each status being indicated by the number in the blue box.
A detailed report showing the status of individual trading partners can also be viewed by exporting the Progress Report to Excel.

Summary Report - (click image to expand)


Detailed Progress Report - (click image to expand)



5. Making the most of this Update

Uploading all your non-subscribed recipients at once

ProductRecallNZ gives you the option to add all your non-subscribed recipients at once bycreating and uploading a csv file.

These files let you quickly generate a customer list using your sales data that can then be easily and efficiently uploaded to a notification.

Example customer information(click image to expand)


6. Fees

There is a small fee associated with sending Notifications and SMS alerts to Non-Subscribed Recipients. These fees are charged on a ‘pay as you use’ basis, at a rate of $0.50 per notification sent, and $0.10 per SMS sent.

For example: sending a notification to 100 Non-Subscribed Recipients would have a fee of $50 (100 * $0.50), while sending 100 notifications and 80 SMS alerts would have a fee of $58 (100 * $0.50 + 80 * $0.10).

SMS alerts are optional and will only be sent to recipients when a mobile number has been included. You will be prompted confirm that you have accepted these fees before your notification is made live.

Sending notifications and SMS alerts to Subscribed Recipients is covered by the annual subscription fee, and will have no additional charges .
For more information about the fees associated with using the ProductRecallNZ service, please refer to our Schedule of Fees.



7. Training and Support

Training opportunities 

To enable you to make the most of this update, the Product Recall team will soon be offering you various training options. More information will be available soon, in the meantime please Register your interest.


If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to contact our support team on 0800 10 23 56, or send them an email at


Version 1.2    15 July 2019

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