Is NPC Rapid Suitable For My Business?

The NPC Rapid Loader is a simplified interface for submitting data via the National Product Catalogue (NPC) to Foodstuffs and Woolworths.


  • Foodstuffs NZ and Woolworths NZ suppliers only
  • Exact same hierarchy for Foodstuffs & Woolworths (if business uses NPC for both)
  • NPC Rapid doesn't support suppliers/products where the invoice unit is not the CASE for Woolworths, then NPC Rapid doesn't support that (exception being single level hierarchies, e.g. Base only)
  • Only basic packaging hierarchies - 1 x base, inner (if applicable), case (if applicable) only
  • Must ‘opt-in’ for ‘ProductFlow Label Data porting’ to NPC
  • No system workarounds - i.e. bulk bin products
  • Mustn't have different pricing for WWNZ and SuperValue / FreshChoice
  • Different currency pricing for FSNI vs FSSI
  • If your NPC products have a "repeated" Net Content field GS1 will need to assess (bug @ 04/08/20)
  • Potentially other undiscovered exceptions


  • Easier to understand - less training and support required
  • Simplified data loading process
  • Hard to make fundamental mistakes


  • No additional costs on top of the current NPC and ProductFlow (if applicable) fees


  • Basic functions automated with NPC i.e. create, edit, copy, add & change price
  • Complex functions require GS1 staff intervention i.e. delete, pack size change, etc
  • Ability to import Foodstuffs and simple Woolworths NZ catalogues from NPC. Note, a cleanse of your existing data is a pre-requisite.
  • Basic ProductFlow form which must be submitted every time a supplier enters a new product or makes a product change.


  • No bulk edit function.
  • Not compatible with other sectors (i.e. Hardware, Healthcare) or any Australian retailers.
  • Can’t view or edit your on pack (nutritional) data – but it is captured and automatically pushed to Foodstuffs and Woolworths if GS1 receive the product as part of a ProductFlow request.

Browser Compatibility

  • Rapid is currently supported for use with the latest versions of all browsers, however notably with Internet Explorer the browser is not updated as regularly by Microsoft which often causes issues when we make updates to the Rapid software. We therefore recommend using Chrome, Firefox or Edge.

Who to call

  • Natalie Judd - 027 236 6309

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