How to load fresh produce data to Foodstuffs through ProductFlow

If the item is prepacked then the hierarchy would be the standard BASE_UNIT with CASE.

If the item is loose it depends on what is being sold to Foodstuffs:

  • If it is sold to Foodstuffs by count then the individual item will need to be published as the BASE_UNIT with the number of units in the crate/case published as the CASE
    • Eg. Avocados sold as an 80 count (crate of 80).
      • Single avocado published as the BASE_UNIT (GTIN would need to be assigned to allow this in the NPC, but doesn’t need to be printed as a barcode)
      • Crate barcode published as CASE with Number of Base Units=80

  • If it is sold to Foodstuffs by KG then the crate/case should be published as a BASE_UNIT
    • Is Variable (does the weight vary) =Yes (please allocate a variable GTIN usually begins with a "994" to your crate).
    • Net Weight should be weight crate/case is packed to
      • Eg. Rose Apples 18kg
        • Crate/Case barcode published with Is Base Unit?=Yes, Is Variable=Yes and Net Weight=18KG
        • Please note, pricing will be $ per KG and the Net Weight will be the average



Version 1.0 – Updated 24th April 2019

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