Best Practice for Healthcare Product Descriptions


In the National Product Catalogue (NPC) the Trade Item Description is an important attribute. The cross-industry best practice is to construct it as follows: Brand + Sub-brand + Functional Name + Variant + Net Content (where applicable).

Your trading partners rely on accurate and consistent population of the descriptive attributes Brand, Sub-brand, Functional Name and Variant to provide unambiguous and full product descriptions. This allows the flexibility to use individual attributes or combinations of attributes for various description and search function requirements.


Functional Name, Variant and Sub-brand:

The attached document describes how the Functional Name, Variant and Sub-brand fields should be populated and includes real-life examples.


Additional Trade Item Description and Full Description:

Southern Cross Hospitals have requested suppliers to use the Additional Trade Item Description and/or the Full Description fields available in the NPC, as required, to better describe their products.  See the Supplier User Guide.


Label Description:

SCHL have also asked that the Label Description be added - this is found under Healthcare/Regulatory Details/Characteristics - scroll down the page to find it.
Use this section to add the description as on the product label:

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