Understanding Pending Failure Reports

If you get one of these Don’t panic, it’s just saying there are some data fixes are needed.

The email:

The product verification report will be emailed to the person who made the application.

Note: GS1 can change who the report is sent to if required please email

The additional comments section will tell you what the issues are and how to fix them.

There is also a link to resubmit your product for recheck once the data corrections have been made.

Note: Please ensure the product is resubmitted for recheck within 2 working days

        otherwise a failing report will automatically be sent to you and your retailer(s).


The report is attached to the email and is created from the options selected during the application. 

See the example reports below for:

     a) Full product verification report.

     b) Product not yet available.

a) Full product verification report (Saleable product, inner and/or case is available and sent

    for testing).



    -The barcode verification for the base and case pass.

    -The images pass.

    -There is an issue with the data in the National Product Catalogue.

The member selected the following options:




 b) The final saleable product is not yet available.


-The barcode verification for the base was not accessed.

-The images are not taken.

-There is issue with the data in the National Product Catalogue.

 The member selected the following options.




Version 1.2 – Updated 21st June 2018




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