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ProductVault is a central area in your MyGS1 account for storing details of your products. 

If your company is a new member of GS1 you can enter details of each product and the system will automatically allocate a barcode number from your range.

ProductVault is just for use within your company, so you and your colleagues can see which barcode number has been allocated to which product. And if you request a Verification Report, you will only need to enter the barcode number and the form will be populated from the details you have stored in Product Vault.

A range of barcode numbers has been allocated to your company. When you log into your MyGS1 account you can see the numbers by going to the menu on the left and clicking on Barcodes then clicking on Product Vault. The RANGE shows two 13-digit numbers, 'from' and 'to'. Under PRODUCTS it will show the number of products that have details already entered into Product Vault. Click on the number of products (eg '10 products') to see the details.

If it shows '0 products' then no details have been entered. Is this because you are a new company and haven't put barcodes on your products yet? In this case you can go ahead and start using Product Vault.

Or maybe you are an existing company and have been using your own system to put barcodes on items? In this situation you need to ensure that when you start using Product Vault the system allocates numbers which have not been used before. Call us and we can discuss with you on the best way to handle that.

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The attached document describes how to get a GTIN (barcode number) from your range for your new product by entering the details into your ProductVault.


  1. I am new to barcoding
    We run a free ‘Barcoding Quick Start Webinar’ every week. Register through our website (Services, Events and Training, Webinars) to get you on the right path.

  2. I need to put a barcode on my new product
    *STOP* do you already have products with barcodes on them? Call us, and we'll help you make sure that numbers haven't already been used on another product.

    All your products are already listed in ProductVault? The attached guide shows you how to use ProductVault to allocate the next available number in your range to the product. You will enter brief details of the product into the system.

  3. My products already have barcode numbers on them but the details are not stored in ProductVault.
    Call the Support Team and we can discuss the options with you. We can show you how to enter the details, or, if you have them in a spreadsheet we can load them for you. 

  4. I want to use my own system to allocate the next barcode
    Call the Support Team to discuss using your own system.

  5. Terminology
    GTIN - Global Trade Item Number, also known as a barcode number
    Barcode - strictly speaking the barcode is the graphic or image you see on products - the small lines - that are scanned by the reader.

  6. How do I view my items in ProductVault?
    In the menu on the left click on Barcodes then click on ProductVault, or scroll down to 'Barcodes Allocated' on your Dashboard. Click on the words 'View Products'.

    A line shows you the number of items in the block, Date Allocated, Range and Products. Click on the number of products (eg the words '22 products') to see what they are. 
    If it shows '0 products' then no details have been entered into ProductVault for that number range.

  7. Can I get a list of my items in ProductVault?
    Yes - in ProductVault just select the option 'Download the product list to a spreadsheet'.


Now look at the attached document for more detailed information!

V9    Last updated 16/06/2020

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