Grocery Industry Requirements

Major companies within the grocery sector in Australia and New Zealand have agreed on their requirements for barcodes on products supplied to them.  

While the options they have selected are chosen from within the GS1 Specifications you should not assume that merely fulfilling the GS1 specifications will satisfy your grocery customers.   For example the specifications say that on a carton it is preferable that you have a barcode on all four vertical sides but a lesser number down to one is acceptable.   The grocery sector however requires a minimum of two and that one is on a short end and the other on the long side to the right of that short end.

The checklist on page 36 of the GS1 Basic User Guide takes account of these preferences but be aware that a company may change its requirements.  

If you are supplying supermarkets in either country you should ask your customer for their specific requirements.   


Version 1.1 22 Feb 2019

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