Packaging Hierarchy Kits, Components and Multipacks

Products with different physical characteristics are configured in different ways in the National Product Catalogue. Products used in the supply chain will have a GTIN, and a relationship with other GTINS, configured using different values in the ‘Trade Item Hierarchy Level’.


Two Level Hierarchy - in this scenario it is usually a base and a case and each level will have their own GTIN


Three Level Hierarchy - in this scenario an item will have a base, an inner and a case and each level will have its own GTIN


Kit, Content and Components

Currently neither DHBs or Southern Cross require kit components to be listed separately either under the primary GTIN for the Kit or as individual items in the catalogue.

A kit in NPC contains different GTINs. This example has several important elements combining a kit, it contents, and, for one of the GTINs, 3 defined components. Firstly, the Kit has its own GTIN used within the supply chain. Secondly, the contents of the Kit each have a GTIN; this is because, for example, when the swabs get consumed then the GTIN would be used to re-order the swabs. Thirdly, the individual dressings in the Variety Band Aids use a ‘component approach’ to define three different components what makes up the GTIN, as the individual components cannot be re-ordered.


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