Packaging Hierarchy Kits, Components and Multipacks

Products with different physical characteristics are configured in different ways in the National Product Catalogue. Products used in the supply chain will have a GTIN, and a relationship with other GTINS, configured using different values in the ‘Trade Item Hierarchy Level’.


Two Level Hierarchy - in this scenario it is usually a base and a case and each level will have their own GTIN


Three Level Hierarchy - in this scenario an item will have a base, an inner and a case and each level will have its own GTIN


Kit, Content and Components

A kit in NPC contains different GTINs. This example has several important elements combining a kit, it contents, and, for one of the GTINs, 3 defined components. Firstly, the Kit has its own GTIN used within the supply chain. Secondly, the contents of the Kit each have a GTIN; this is because, for example, when the swabs get consumed then the GTIN would be used to re-order the swabs. Thirdly, the individual dressings in the Variety Band Aids use a ‘component approach’ to define three different components what makes up the GTIN, as the individual components cannot be re-ordered.


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