'Searching' in the National Product Catalogue

This article outlines the main ways of navigating through the National Product Catalogue with the various search techniques on offer.

 Search Techniques

Searching is broken up into four different types and each cater for the type of search you require. You can also save a search for use at a later date. The following different types are explained below.

1. Text Search  (best for GTIN or key word searches)

This search field allows you to type in free text, descriptions, or a list of GTINs (separated by a space). It doesn't allow you to search for a SKU code (use 'Advanced Search' for that).


Hot Water - searches for all items containing either Hot or Water
Hot+Water - Searches for all items containing Hot AND Water in that order 
Hot-Water - Searches for all items containing Hot but not Water
H*t - The asterisk represents any string of characters, e.g. Hat, Hot, Hit

 2. Working Context

This type provides a drop down selection which lets you pick the 'state' of an item. It will then show all items in that state.

Latest Versions - will show all items in their latest form.

Released - will only show items that have been released (these may not be published).

Never Released - will only show 'draft items' or items not released (it will be unlikely you will ever have items here as only items being created directly within this GUI will go through this state).

Item Update - Pending Release - will only show items that have previously been released but have had some data updated, possibly from a correction or change, but the item has not had the changes released so it is currently not in its latest form (you will also most likely never see this state).

 3. Advanced Search (best for searching SKU codes (internal references))

This search field requires you to click on the pencil symbol as it is not a free text field (although it looks like it is!). A new window will pop up when you click on the edit pencil.

You can then use the search function to specifically target any item attribute as shown below. Ensure you have selected the search criteria if you have selected more than one option (select 'and' or 'or'). You can search for multiple criteria and even multiple items using the same criteria as show below.

4. Smart Search (best for searching items that have not been published or with errors.)

This search is great for finding all items that were meant to be published but haven't been or which may have errored out. See below for uses:

 5. Price searching

You may also want to find specific prices. This is done when you view the price pane and a very similar search field is shown. You can search by GTIN or search by all prices that have not been released (Working)

The main options are highlighted below (clear the search field and click search to bring up all possible prices in you catalogue).

Advance Search - best for finding those prices on certain items using SKU codes etc.

GTIN/Recipient GLN/Target Market - best for finding prices by GTIN, specific prices to certain retailers, or prices to certain countries/target markets.

Release to Pool - is best used to find prices in a certain status. "Working" prices are prices that need actioning. "Response" is the status that a successfully sent price should be in once it has completed publication.

6. Saved Searches

Use the 'Search Profile' section to save a currently active search and use again at a later time by clicking the drop down box. This can be done for both items and prices.


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