Woolworths New Zealand Pricing FAQ

1. How do I load prices for Woolworths New Zealand?

See the Woolworths-Pricing-101 document here.

2. I have loaded an incorrect price for Woolworths NZ, how should I fix it?           

If you have a REVIEW confirmation message back from Woolworths New Zealand, and need to fix your price, like below, then: 

1. End-date both the List & Transaction prices (with a future end-date)
2. Add a new correct List & Transaction prices (with a future start-date)
3. Then release the above 4 prices at the same time to Woolworths NZ(if not @ same time will cause an SAP error at Woolworths NZ).

If you need to remove an allowance from the existing product price after end dating the old prices, you must add the new price (List and Transaction) and show a zero-value deferred/off invoice deal. This cancels out the old deal. Simply loading an end date against an existing deal will not discontinue the deal, it must be loaded with a $0 value.

If your Price DOES NOT have a confirmation status, contact your Woolworths NZ Category Manager to action their price workflow. If the Category Manager has difficulties actioning or locating the workflow, they will liaise internally with the BSS team.

Please note: You cannot simply fix an erroneous price by end-dating and re-starting one second (or shortly) apart with time stamps. Time-stamps are not acceptable to WOW/PROGs SAP system and automatically fail. Always use the default time-stamp.

For price changes the end date (old price) and start date (new price) must be on consecutive days.

3. What happens when I make changes to my pricing for Woolworths NZ?
Your price changes will trigger a workflow to your Woolworths NZ Category Manager. It’s important that price changes are discussed prior to making the change on the National Product Catalogue. You should not upload your new price unless your existing price has a status of ‘SYNCHRONISE’ or ‘REVIEW’ in National Product Catalogue. If your Price does not have a status, contact your Category Manager to action their price workflow. If the Category Manager has difficulties actioning or locating the workflow, they will liaise internally with the BSS team.

Note: A confirmation status of ‘RECEIVED’ means that your price has made its way to WOW/PROGS SAP system and is waiting to be actioned by your Category Manager.

4. Can the Start Dates of my List and Transaction price differ?
No – Your price family must have the same effective start dates. Further to this, all new prices should be loaded with a FUTURE start date.

5. Can I add an allowance or charge to my List price after it has been added to National Product Catalogue?
You will need to end date all existing pricing and add a new List price with associated allowances/charges and a new transaction price. Woolworths NZ need to receive all price segments for a product, all together into their system.
Adding a new allowance / charge will trigger a message for the relevant price segment only.

6. If my transaction price changes, however the current value of the List Price or the Allowances/Charges as shown on the catalogue remain the same – what do I do?                                                         As discussed above (Question 4), you will need to end date all existing price segments and re-add them with the new transaction price.

7. Can I end date my existing list price and add my new price in separate transactions? Woolworths NZ expect to see the end dated price segment and the new price segment come together in the same transaction. Your Category Mgr will then send a response against the new price segment as per Question 6.
If you are unable to send the end date/new start date in the same transaction, then you can upload your end date, advise your Category Manager you have done so so he/she can action the workflow, wait for the response from the buyer to hit the National Product Catalogue, then upload your new price.

8. How do I reflect a promotional price for my product in Woolworths NZ ?
Promotions and Deals are currently not in scope of this project for Woolworths NZ, they are available on a separate system. Please speak with your Category Manager for more information on how to access this data.

9. How do I know my prices have been accepted by the Category Manager?
Your Woolworths NZ Category Manager will send confirmation messages for each line and price segment. A confirmation message ‘SYNCHONISE’ for your prices indicates that the prices have been accepted. A confirmation message of ‘REVIEW’ for your prices indicates that the prices have not been accepted. If the ‘REVIEW’ message does not have details against it, please contact your Category Manager.
Note: Your pricing must have a confirmation message against each price segment for the GTINs published to Woolworths NZ .

10. Can Woolworths/Woolworths NZ receive $0 values
Woolworths/Woolworths NZ can only receive $0 values against allowances and charges. You must never load a $0 value against a List Price or a Transaction Price.

11. What bearing does the Application Sequence have on how trading terms such as Deferred Deals and Off Invoice Deals are applied to reach the Transaction Price?

The Woolworths NZ SAP does not use the NPC sequencing values to calculate the value of the transaction price. You can just use "2" against both terms if you wish


Created:  December 2016                                           Last Review:  30/01/2019

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