Understand data recipient response messages

1.  Responses Messages

When you publish item & price data in the National Product Catalogue you will receive a response from the National Product Catalogue telling you if the publication was successful.

You can find these responses in the response column in your Supplier Item List. 

Or if you have multiple Retailers you can see the response for each Retailer in the Preview Panel Tab 'CIC Summary'. CIC stands for Catalogue Item Confirmation. 

NPC also enables the Retailer who you published your data to, to send a response message back to you. Depending on the response, this may require further ACTION by you.

At the moment Progressive, Mitre 10, PlaceMakers, Mico, Formans and Warehouse stationery provide business level response messages. (For the others you will only receive the system level Responses from the National Product Catalogue).

System Level Responses are not from your Recipient. They only state that the data is in the National Product Catalogue and that your Recipient can see it. 


3. The 'Tasklist'

There is a particular section devoted to Errors and Review messages in the National Product Catalogue. This is called the 'Task List'. This looks exactly the same as the 'Supplier Item List', but you will only find Items with Errors or that you have been asked to Review by your retailer. 

4. Errors

If you find response message  in response column it means that your publication has failed and your data recipient has not seen your data and so you need to immediately get in touch with the GS1 Help Desk - (0800 10 23 56 or 

5. Reviews

All the items with a red exclamation mark  in response column are the ones that your data recipient has requested you to review and update.

The recipient will also provide you with a description as to what they want changed. To see this, select a item, go down into the Preview pane and click the 'CIC SUMMARY' Tab. Then in here Click on the icon  (review response) to bring up the pop up window with details of review message.

(review message is under “Description”, if you can't read this, resize the column by putting the cursor on the line between this column header and the next, your cursor will change to two lines, hold down left mouse button and drag)

5. Resolving the Review response 

Once you have read the Recipients review message, of what they want changed. Simply go into the item, make the change and release the item (green tick) this will send the updated information to your recipient.

For prices that have been reviewed, you will have to end date the current price and create a new price. 


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