Free Training (Webinars)

The National Product Catalogue Training Programme (for suppliers) is a free offering that has been developed to get our users up-to-speed with loading products to and maintaining existing products in their catalogues.

The beauty of this training program is that it is self-driven learning. You can attend all webinars, or just fill in your knowledge gaps by attending the webinar specific to your learning needs. However if you are a new user we would strongly recommend you attend all webinars and run through all training exercises. Our support team is always here to help if you get stuck.

Key components to this training:

  • Webinars: Web based demonstrations with a real person on the other end. This will give you an idea of what to do and how to do it.
  • Support Documentation: Videos, tips and tricks, user guides and articles can all be found in the Support Centre. Believe us, you will want to bookmark that page.

To register please click here. If you are interested in other types of National Product Catalogue training, such as our in-house training options, please review the article "What Training is Available for National Product Catalogue - Publisher?".


In September 2018 - the Webinars have been modified to focus on Sector training.  This means that the webinars target a specific sector for 1 week each month.   Key Concepts Webinar is not Sector Specific and is available first full week of the month, 3rd & 4th week of each month on a Monday. 

The Sector Focused Webinars are:

Healthcare         Starting on a Monday - the first complete week of the month

Food & Grocery   Starting on a Monday  - the 2nd complete week of the month

Hardware           Starting on a Monday  - the 3rd complete week of the month



Created:  15 Feb 2017                                                         Last Updated:  08/01/2020


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