NPC Recipient Itemlist - Overview & Searching capabilities

The Itemlist is where you will find a list of all the items that have been published to you. In the Itemlist, you have three sections in the window which we will go through individually: 

  • Search Area 
  • Hitlist (List of the items published to you)
  • Preview (Ability to preview individual items data quickly)

Search Area

The Search area gives you multiple ways to search for data. Below is a description of how to use each: 

Quick Search: 

The Quick Search allows you to search for descriptions and GTINs.

I.e. If you wanted to find all 'Biscuits' that had been published to you, you would type 'Biscuits'. 

If you want to find a particular GTIN you can type out the full GTIN or part of the GTIN followed by the Astrix 0941610*

Quick Search - Examples:

Hot Water - searches for all items containing either Hot or Water
Hot+Water - Searches for all items containing Hot AND Water in that order
"Hot Water" - Searches for all items containing this exact string
Hot-Water - Searches for all items containing Hot but not Water
H*t - The asterisk represents any string of characters, e.g. Hat, Hot, Hit


Advanced Search:

The Advanced search allows you to search for the majority of the attributes available in the National Product Catalogue (formerly GS1net)

To do this, click the Pencil button (shown as search options below)

The below screen will appear

 In the first drop down box, type the name of the field in the National Product Catalogue-Recipient that you are searching for, i.e 'Supplier Assigned Item ID' 




You are able to modify your hitlist view, and save this, for your individual login. You can resize columns, drag 'n drop and filter. Remember to 'save layout'  so that your settings are retained.


Created  November 2016                                                           Last Review:  5/12/2018

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