NPC Recipient - How to Re-trigger Supplier Messages

There are 3 ways to re-trigger supplier messages. 

1. Re-synchronise Item & Price data:

A data recipient can 're-synchronise' data they have already received M2M at any time. The user selects the GTIN (or 1..n GTINs) in the GUI and hits the icon below again. 

2. RFCIN command from the Subscription List menu:

RFCIN can be performed for either a specific GTIN or an entire GLN. RFCIN does not incorporate a price retrigger.

3. From the 'Export' tool in the External ItemList Menu:

Note: Foodstuffs should avoid this approach.

The M2M download will generate a CINREQ and CPNREQ XML. You can opt to include lower level 'components' or to include current or historical pricing.

The trade item hitlist may list trade items from more than one supplier. The M2M download may be multi-supplier. A separate document is created for each supplier.

Trade items and prices are assembled into different documents.


Created  November 2016                                                           Last Review:  5/12/2018

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