Out of Stock Products for Mitre 10

Mitre 10 currently have a unique method for communicating product out of stocks. The process is as follows:

  1. Simply update the start availability date for the product GTIN. This date is to be the day when you will continue to ship products for any orders received for the and must be a date in the future. 

If using NPC - Publisher ensure that when date changes are made, the data is saved and released. Then double check that the product GTIN is published to Mitre 10.

Note: When updating the start availability date, for existing products, this updates the 'Next Availability Date' in Mitre 10's system. For new products being uploaded for the first time the start availability date in NPC updates the 'Start Availability Date' in Mitre 10's system. 

Note: If you are using NPC for multiple trading partners and wish to load a new start availability date for Mitre 10 only, please contact the support team for details on how to do so.



Created:  July 2014                                                                     Last Updated  10/10/18

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