Trade Item Description: best practice examples

The descriptive fields in National Product Catalogue are made up of; Brand, Sub-Brand, Functional name, Variant and Net Content (when Net Content does not equal 1EA).

When these fields are put together (i.e. concatenated) they create the Trade Item Description (i.e. the long description of your product). 

It is important that both the individual descriptive fields and the Trade Item Description is robust and are constructed to GS1 best practices to ensure industry standardised descriptions. 

The below link will take you a document to see examples for different product types.  You will also find examples of how to correctly communicate repeatable "Net Content" in the Trade Item Description

(e.g. Aunt Betty’s Pudding Sticky Date 2 Pack x 95g)

--> NPC Data Quality - Descriptive Examples <--

For a more in-depth look at the individual descriptive data fields please review the Online Data Dictionary.


Created:    15 Feb 2017                                                          Last Updated:    15/02/2024

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