Foodstuffs Pricing Guidelines

In National Product Catalogue, when a product is published for the first time to Foodstuffs it must have it's List Price loaded.

Please ensure you follow these guidelines:

  • For all "new product introductions" Foodstuffs requires the List Price's Start Date to be the present time, or earlier when they receive your product data after you publish via NPC.
  • The pricing record must be attached to the highest level of the hierarchy in the National Product Catalogue. This is almost always the CASE.
  • Foodstuffs accept only one “LIST_PRICE” price type.
  • The list price Distribution Method should be "UNS - Unspecified", regardless of whether it is direct-to-store or via distribution-centre.
  • Every product must have at least one of the GTINs in its item hierarchy flagged as the “Invoice unit”.
  • Price Reason should be set as ‘NI – The introduction of a new item’ OR 'SC - Size change (Pack or Pallet)' for Foodstuffs. 
  • Submit List Price changes through NPC/Rapid (these should always start on a Monday date, with limited exceptions). You'll then need to complete the Supplier Price Adjustment form in the Foodstuffs eXchange 'Products' section and ensure you submit that form through to FOBL.
  • All negotiations, discounts, terms, price changes, and any other forms of pricing for existing products are done through Foodstuffs Own Brands Ltd (FOBL) or directly with the Foodstuffs business.
  • Foodstuffs do not require banner prices, any allowances or trading terms from NPC. Before releasing a price to Foodstuffs NZ ensure it does not have any allowances or terms entered.
    Also, transaction prices should not be used for Foodstuffs NZ.
  • Pricing on NPC is GST exclusive.

Pricing Examples

1) Non Variable Product

  • Set the ‘Price Value’ as the list price for a GTIN
  • Set the ‘Start Date/Time’ for when the price is valid from

2) Variable Product (by ‘KGM – Kilogram’)

  • Set the ‘Price Value’ as the list price for 1 ‘KGM – Kilogram’
  • Set the ‘Start Date/Time’ for when the price is valid from


Version 1.1 - Updated 20th January 2021

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