Foodstuffs Pricing Guidelines

In National Product Catalogue, when a product is published for the first time to Foodstuffs it must have List Price loaded.

Please ensure you follow these guidelines:

  • Whenever you load a "new product" in NPC it must have a valid and accurate list price.
  • For all "new product" Foodstuffs requires the List_Price Start Date to be the present time, or earlier when they receive your product data after you publish via NPC.
  • The pricing record must be attached to the highest level of the hierarchy in the National Product Catalogue. This is almost always the CASE.
  • Foodstuffs accept only one “LIST_PRICE” price type.
  • For existing product's List price changes, start dates should always occur on a Monday. Only under special circumstances will changes that do not occur on a Monday be considered. The only exception is for the tobacco, liquor and milk categories where external influences dictate a specific start date, e.g. new taxation law, etc.
  • This should be released only to Foodstuffs NZ (GLN:9429000008990). NPC list prices do not need to be released to FS North Island & Wellington (Lower North Island).
  • The list price Distribution Method should be "UNS - Unspecified", regardless of whether it is direct-to-store or via distribution-centre.
  • Foodstuffs do not require banner prices, any allowances or trading terms from NPC. Before releasing a price to Foodstuffs NZ ensure it does not have any allowances or terms entered.
    Also, transaction prices should not be used for Foodstuffs NZ.
  • All negotiations, discounts, terms, price changes, and any other forms of pricing for existing products are done through Foodstuffs Own Brands Ltd (FOBL) or directly with the Foodstuffs business.
  • Every product must have at least one of the GTINs in its item hierarchy flagged as the “Invoice unit”.
  • Pricing on NPC is GST exclusive.
  • Price Reason should be set as ‘NI – The introduction of a new item’ OR 'SC - Size change (Pack or Pallet)' for Foodstuffs. 
  • All changes to existing NPC Foodstuffs NZ List Price need to be updated in NPC
    For Foodstuffs, Changes to price terms are not handled through either ProductFlow or the NPC. Please complete their Supplier Price Adjustment template, located on the Foodstuffs website here

Pricing Examples

1) Non Variable Product

  • Set the ‘Price Value’ as the list price for a GTIN
  • Set the ‘Start Date/Time’ for when the price is valid from

2) Variable Product (by ‘KGM – Kilogram’)

  • Set the ‘Price Value’ as the list price for 1 ‘KGM – Kilogram’
  • Set the ‘Start Date/Time’ for when the price is valid from


Version 1.0 - Updated 1st September 2018

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