How do I publish my products to Onelink?

Onelink has been contacting suppliers asking them to publish their National Product Catalogue  data to them.

This can be done by simply entering Onelink's GLN (9429000106634) in the 'Publish To' field.

The procedure for publishing data to Onelink is the exact same one as for other trading partners.

When you publish your data to Onelink, the only information being sent is the 'item' information. The pricing data is kept private for each trading partner. If you wish to publish prices for Onelink as well, then contact GS1 NZ support in order to setup your National Product Catalogue price relationship with Onelink.


From the Supplier Item List, select the item you want to publish to Onelink'


From the main menu on the Supplier Item List screen, select Publish


Either select Onelink from the list of Publication Targets or you may need to Search for Onelink

Click on the Search Button - a new window will open, type in Onelink in the Box and Click Search

Select Onelink and click the Apply button at the bottom of the box


Onelink has now been added to the list of Publication Targets - make sure it is selected and then click the Publish button at the bottom of the box

The product is now published to Onelink


Created:  August 2015                                                    Last Reviewed 8/01/2020 

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