I can't log in to the NPC

1. Ensure you're using the correct URL

2. Clear the cache
Your computer may be 'remembering' a previous incorrect login. 
If you are using Google Chrome, to clear the cache press Ctrl + Shift + Del, then select below:

For any other browsers, follow the instructions in this article: 

3. Password re-set
Try resetting your password using the "Password forgotten" link below from the login screen.


Password Requirements:
At least 12 characters long. 
At least 1 upper case character. 
At least 1 lowercase character. 
At least 1 number. 
At least 1 symbol. 
First name and last name can not be part of the new password.
The new Password must not have the username.
The new Password and confirmed password must match.
The new Password must be different from the old one.

4. Got past the first screen but then nothing happens?
     Check your Administrator has given you the appropriate Roles.


Still stuck? Call or email the Support Team 0800-10-23-56


Version 1.4 – Updated 12th June 2023

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