What is a UNSPSC code? Where do I find them?

The United Nations Standard Product & Services Codes (UNSPSC) are detailed codes, required for NZ Healthcare Data Recipients and for all Australian Recipients (v19.0501)

UNSPSC v19 is used by both Australia and NZ Healthcare Recipients

For v19, a short list has been created and this is restricted to Lab, Medical and Pharmaceutical codes only - i.e. 41000000 range, 42000000 range and 51000000 range

All NZ and Australian Data Recipients have requested the Commodity (lowest) level of the codes be entered in the NPC.

If you cannot find the UNSPSC that best fits your products, please contact our Support Center as the UNSPSC website only allows you to search the latest version  - i.e. v23.0701 at present.


Support Center Contact


ph:  0800 10 23 56



Created:  15 Feb 2017                                        Last Updated:    20/10/21

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