End-dating Items and Prices for HSC

Please follow these steps.

If end-dating a price only - stop at the end of 3d


1.  Identify the items in the NPC that are for end-dating.
2.  Create a download file for these
3.  Any active prices must be end-dated first - load the price end-date file
a. Price Action must be CHANGE
b.  Date - use today's date but time is 11:59pm
c.  Save file
d   Go into the NPC and release the end-dated prices
4.  While waiting for the price end-date messages to go through to HSC, prepare the item detail file for upload.
5.   Trade Item Action MUST be changed to CHN - for Change
6.    End Availablity Date - use today's data but the time must be 11:59pm
7.   DO NOT Attempt to "create" the date - always find a system date (usually the start availability date is good) and then copy and paste it into the End Availability column - change the numbers only, change the time to 11:59pm - then "copy down" for all items that are being end-dated.   Save the file.
8.  Back in the NPC - check that the end-dated price messages have gone through to HSC
9.  Once the price message has been received, then upload the bulk load of items for end-dating.   Recommend that you check the "Release Selected Items" box
10.  When the upload is complete - check that the items were released successfully.
11.  DO NOT UNPUBLISH the item UNTIL the end-date has been received by HSC.   
12.  Final Step  - Unpublish to HSC - also to SCHL, Onelink and any other Healthcare recipient.
Version 1.0 23 June 2023
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