Price Record - Correcting a future Start Date/End Date - Bulk

This article is for a situation where you have entered a number of price changes with a future start date and need to change the price change date. This only works if the price change date is in the future.

1. Open up NPC Publisher and go to your 'Supplier Item List'.

2. If you have the list of your GTINs, copy and paste your list into the 'Text Search' and hit 'Search'. You can search for up to 1000 at once.

3. Select the tick box at the top of the list to select all your items. Select the 'Download as' button and then 'Item Download Excel'.

4. Ensure that you have ticked the box 'Include Prices' and that you are downloading the 'Released' Prices. Then select 'Start Download'.

5. Remove all sheets excluding the 'Price' sheet by selecting the other tabs, right clicking, and pressing 'Delete'.

6. In the 'Price' sheet you should find two pricing records against each GTIN - the old price that is being end dated, and the new price that is being added. It should appear as below. Note that other columns have been hidden in the screenshot, you can do this also using the 'Hide Column' function. The highlighted fields are those that require editing.

7. In order to either bring forward or push back the future price change:

  • Update the 'Price Action Code' for the future prices from 'Add' to 'Correct'.
  • Update the 'End Date/Time' for the current price
  • Update the 'Start Date/Time' for the new price

In the below example the price change date has been moved from 19th of May 2017 to 19th of May 2018.

8. Once completed, save your document. To upload your changes, return to the NPC and press the 'Upload button', choose your file and 'Start Upload'. It will indicate that the file has been processed when complete.

9. To complete the job you will need to 'Release' your prices. To do this, navigate to the 'PriceSync' tab and 'Release' the prices you have just updated which are in a 'WORKING' state.

You have now completed the process!


Created:  5 May 2017                                                      Last Updated:  24/08/17

Reviewed:  6/01/2020

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