How does my Category Manager or Buyer get my product information?

Please see either the Foodstuffs or Woolworths NZ specific sections


The below is specific to Foodstuffs.

It is important that you maintain communication with your Category Manager/Banner Manager/Store Manager/Buyer throughout your product introduction. The below process outlines what happens to your data once loaded to the National Product Catalogue, and how it is made visible to the Foodstuffs business.


  1. Your product data will flow from the National Product Catalogue to Foodstuffs' Product Information Management (PIM) system, Hybris.
  2. Your Category Manager/Banner Manager/Store Manager will need to request that your product information is "enriched" by the Foodstuffs' National PIM (NatPIM) team*. We recommend you ensure they've done this.
  3. Foodstuffs' National PIM team enrich the product information (usually within 48 hours) and it is made available to your Category Manager/Banner Manager/Store Manager.
  4. If you want to know that your data has been enriched and is available for stores, buyers or Category Managers to begin ordering your product, please speak directly to your Buyer or Category Manager about this.


* Important Note: If your Category Manager/Banner Manager/Store Manager does not request that your product information is enriched, your data will not be pushed through to them.

If you simply contact the Foodstuffs National PIM team directly, they will still ask for confirmation from your Category Manager/Banner Manager/Store Manager before enriching your product information.


The below is specific to Woolworths New Zealand Ltd

  1. Your product data will flow from the National Product Catalogue to WWNZ SAP system
  2. A workflow process is generated and the Center for Excellence team are notified and will release the NPC data to their SAP.   The Category Manager is also notified through a workflow process, however he/she has the final approval of the data and the price.
  3. The Woolworths NZ Category Manager will send confirmation messages for each line and price segment. A confirmation message ‘SYNCHONISE’ for your prices indicates that the prices have been accepted. A confirmation message of ‘REVIEW’ for your prices indicates that the prices have not been accepted. If the ‘REVIEW’ message does not have details against it, please contact your Category Manager.

Note: Your pricing must have a confirmation message against each price segment for the GTINs published to Woolworths NZ.


Version 1.7 – Updated 28th June 2018

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