Trade Partner Dependent (TPD) Values

One of the biggest benefits of NPC is the ability to publish to multiple data recipients (i.e. retailers, merchants, etc) with different attribute values relevant to each data recipient. For these requirements, the NPC has Trading Partner Dependent (TPD) Values. These are values that are specific or unique to a certain data recipient, that are required as they differ from your default value.

Values that can have TPD values include:

  • Dates i.e. start availability date, end availability date, etc
  • Order Quantity Minimum and Multiple
  • Ordering Unit of Measure
  • Product Characteristics – i.e. is the product a consumer unit, order unit, etc

When using TPD values on NPC there are a few important things to remember

  • You should only use them when you have multiple data recipients.
  • You have attributes which require different values for different data recipients or that requires a unique value for a specific data recipient
  • When you are first creating an item always create a value for the ‘default customer’ first, and then you can add values for specific retailers further by clicking the  symbol.

The screenshot below the supplier has “Order Quantity Minimum & Multiple” value of 5 for all retailers (default customer) & a value of 10 for Mitre 10.

If you do not have TPD values set up in your account and you require them, please contact GS1 Support - 0800 10 23 56 or

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