NPC Publisher GUI Icon Definitions

The new National Product Catalogue (NPC) interface released in April has come with refreshed icons to aid usability.

Definitions of each icon as it appears in the Supplier Item List can be found below:
  • The Overall State gives information about the current status of the items. The table gives an overview about the status as well as the matching icons displayed in the Release State and Publication State.
  • The Response column (CIC State) displays the cumulated confirmation status of each item, so only the last status will be displayed here.

    (Note: CIC stands for Catalogue Item Confirmation)

  • If the selected item has a price, a price icon  is displayed. You can click on this icon. A new window or new browser tab opens and displays the price summary.


 Created:  15 Feb 2017                                            Last Updated:  27/11/17
Reviewed: 6 Jan 2020
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