Price Record - Bulk Change

BEWARE:   Any data field you leave blank or change on the bulk upload sheet will overwrite the data already in the field.

This article is for a situation where you need to enter a bulk price change using the upload/download function. This is worthwhile if you are updating 20 or more prices at once.

The article is only relevant for Hardware and Agricultural Data Recipients - Mitre 10, PlaceMakers, Mico, Formans, Farmlands and ITM.

Before you get started it is important to note that you cannot change prices, as each price record is unique. Therefore when you update a price for an item you end date the old price, and start date a new price record - archiving your historical price.

1. Open up NPC Publisher and go to your 'Supplier Item List'.

2. If you have the list of your GTINs, copy and paste your list into the 'Text Search' and hit 'Search'. You can search for up to 1000 at once.

3. Select the tick box at the top of the list to select all your items. Select the 'Download as' button and then 'Item Download Excel'.

4. Ensure that you have ticked the box 'Include Prices' and that you are downloading the 'Released' Prices. Then select 'Start Download'.

5. Remove all sheets excluding the 'Price' sheet by selecting the other tabs, right clicking, and pressing 'Delete'.

6. In the 'Price' sheet you should find a price record for each GTIN (each row represents one price record). Once you have the list of the prices you want to change, copy all the price records and paste them below the existing price records - you will use the copied set of records to create new price records. Ensure that you have deleted all rows which you do not intend to edit the pricing before.

Ensure that when you make changes to the document that you do not edit the format of the cells. If you decide to use formulas, ensure that you remove them using the 'copy' and 'paste values' functions before your proceed to upload the document.

Note that in the example below all columns that do not require editing have been hidden (using the hide function). To make your sheet easy to navigate you can do this too. The columns remaining are GTIN, Supplier Assigned ID (for identifying the item), Price Action Code, Price Reason, Price Value, Start Date/Time, End Date/Time, and Price ID. 

7. Once you have two identical sets of prices you are ready to update the details of your old prices, and add the details of your new prices.

For the old prices

  • Update the Price Action Code to 'CHANGE'
  • Add the End Date/Time using the same date format as in the download as this can vary depending on your version of excel and computer settings - we recommend using dd/mm/yy 23:59 the night before you want your new price to start. Note that your end date and start date must be in the future.

For the new prices

  • Add the new Price Reason - 'PI' for Price Increase, 'PD' for Price Decrease
  • Update to the new Price Value
  • Add the START Date/Time using the same date format as in the download - we recommend using midnight on the day you want your time to start
  • Remove the Price ID - the new price will automatically be given a unique Price ID when you upload the excel sheet

 8. Once completed, save your document. To upload your changes, return to the NPC and press the 'Upload button', choose your file and 'Start Upload'. It will indicate that the file has been processed when complete.

9. To complete the job you will need to 'Release' both your old and new prices. To do this, navigate to the 'PriceSync' tab and 'Release' the prices you have just updated which are in a 'WORKING' state.

You have now completed the process!


Created  10 May 2017                                                 Last review:  8 Jan 2020

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