February 2022 Release Overview

This release contains two features confirmed in the Phase 4 2022 development plan. The goal of the release was to enhance the usability of the GPC search, and to allow users to customise their Excel file.


New Features


Changes to the GPC Search

The aim of this feature is to make the relationship between GPC codes easier to understand for the user. Each level of the GPC hierarchy is split out in order – Segment, Family, Class, and Brick. Each level is nested within the one that precedes it. Once selections have been made, click Search to trigger the search.




To see which codes are nested within each level, select the category at each level, starting with the Segment on the left-most side. When the Food/Beverage/Tobacco Segment is selected, the GPC Family drop-down menu will only show GPC Families nested within Food/Beverage/Tobacco. If the Beverages GPC Family is selected, the GPC Class drop-down menu will only show the GPC Classes nested within Beverages, and so on.




Multiple Segments, Families, Classes, and Bricks can be selected. Selected categories will have a tick beside them. To deselect a category, simply click on it again. When multiple categories are selected, the next level of the hierarchy will display the categories nested within each selected, with clear delineation between categories.

Categories can be searched for by typing a search term into the search bar within each drop-down menu.




If no GPC Segment is selected, all existing categories will be shown within each level of the GPC Hierarchy.

If the user knows exactly which categories they’d like to search, they can select those categories at whichever level is appropriate. Selecting categories at multiple levels creates an “OR” search. For example, if the user selects Beverages and Seafood at the Family level, Fish – Prepared/Processed at the Class level, and Coffee – Instant at the Brick level, the resulting search will be for Fish – Prepared/Processed OR Coffee – Instant.




Changes to the Excel file download

Users will now be able to select which columns of data appear in their Excel file download. Column selections can be saved as a nameable template for quick selection later. Templates can be loaded and deleted as necessary.




Some columns always appear in the download. These are GTIN, Description, Brand, Sub Brand, Net Content Quantity, Net Content Value, Net Content Value, Net Content UOM, Verification Date, Last Seen in In Market Date, Last Seen in Market Date Source, GPC Family, GPC Class, and GPC Brick. The GPC columns are selected by default but can be deselected at the time of download.


Columns of data are sorted into groups such as Ingredients data, Alcohol data, etc. To select/deselect a group of data, tick/untick the box beside the name of the data group. To select/deselect individual columns of data, select them from the group drop-down menu. Selecting individual columns of data deselects the group as a whole. The number of columns selected within a group is specified. At this time, Nutritional Information columns can only be selected or deselected as a whole group.



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