Recall hazard/risk analysis form

If you make or sell food you are required to maintain procedures to recall your product if it becomes unsafe or unsuitable. If you ever need to recall, you will need to notify the regulator and let your verifier know. As part of the process, you will likely undertake a risk assessment by filling in a 'Recall hazard/risk analysis form' and submitting it to your verifier, or MPI, or both.

More detail on MPI's website.

Did you know this form is built into the ProductRecallNZ system and can be completed and sent, digitally, to both Ministry for Primary Industries and your Verifier?

Note: This task is still applicable to Mock Recalls. Read more below.

Creating and Sending the hazard form

Creating and submitting a hazard form
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For a Live or Mock Recall 'Create a New Notification' from the Landing Page
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Note: On the Details page make sure 'Ministry for Primary Industries' is selected.

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To select 'Ministry for Primary Industries' enter the following fields (these are editable later)
  • Notification Title = e.g; Brando Yoghurt 200g and 500g
  • Product Type = Food & Beverage
  • Classification = Recall Trade or Consumer Level

The above selection will automatically select:

  • Is Notification to the Regulator Required = Yes
  • Regulator = Ministry for Primary Industries


Select 'Next' or use the left-hand menu to navigate to the new 'Hazard Form' page
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For actual Recalls: Fill in as much information as you have to hand (you can move to step 5 before you have completed this form)

For mock Recalls: Try and fill out the entire form as these are the questions you will have to ask and consider in a real recall situation.

Your company and contact details will be automatically populated by the ProductRecallNZ service. Double-check these and scroll down to continue filling out the rest of the form.
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Note for mock Recalls: You can and still should complete this step for mock recalls. It will create a record for you in the ProductRecallNZ service but no submissions will be made.

Note: You can submit the form to your verifier and MPI and can do so multiple times.

Submitting to your verifier

When you are ready select the 'submit to your verifier' button

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A pop-up will appear: enter your verifiers' email address and click send. 

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Access the audit report (see Step 6) to download a copy of the exact form sent.

Submitting to Ministry for Primary Industries

When you are ready select the 'submit to MPI' button and click send. This will send the form to MPI's Food Compliance team. A pop-up message will confirm the form has been sent.

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Access the audit report (see Step 6) to download a copy of the exact form sent.

Since you submitted the form via our ProductRecallNZ service a digital record of the form will be created, datestamped and downloadable






Frequently Asked Questions

For any other questions, please get in contact with our Support Team. You can also register for a free webinar.

There is no limit. You can to edit the form after it has initially been submitted and continue to submit new versions of the form. This is particularly useful in a Live recall when you may only have so much information to hand.


No, not currently. You can still create and fill out the form in Mock Mode and then use the submit buttons but it won't be sent to either your Verifier or the Regulator. GS1 still reccomends using the submit button as it will create a digital record in the system for your Mock Recall. (see 'Viewing and Downloading' above).


When you submit the form it will be sent in an email to MPI's Food Compliance Team however if you need urgent support or advice you should contact them directly on 0800 00 83 33.



Last updated: 12/12/2021

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